Aimee McPherson and the epidemic of Spanish Flu of 1918

Aimee McPherson and the epidemic of Spanish Flu of 1918

If your answer is Aimee Simple McPherson, then you are correct!

In 1918 the Spanish Flu was on its way of becoming a pandemic, very similar to what the world currently is dealing with today. But in 1919 the young, up and coming evangelist, Aimee McPherson traveled to Tulsa to speak at a meeting that had to quickly be postponed because of the pandemic, but Aimee testified that the Spirit prompted her to come to Tulsa anyways.

And when she arrived the ban on church meetings lifted and she was able to have 22 widely successful meetings. In between those meetings Aimee would drive around her “gospel car” passing out tracts inviting everyone to come attend service. The calls she received to come minister to people with influenza were non stop, and Aimee spent hours praying for healing for many who were affected.

While they were no testimonies of healing, Aimee’s response in the time of crisis built a platform for the growth of the Pentecostal community in Tulsa that helped bloom it to what it is today. 

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