The Church is not close down but the building.

The Church is not close down but the building.

Due to the pandemic the government have to pronounce lockdown which might not go well with many. But we can look at how this can help build and be a platform for us as believers to preach and teach what we have been taught in the church for donkey years. Around the first millennium below is the record of similar story:

The fourth Fatimid Caliph Al-Mu’izz li-Din Allah ruled from 953 AD to 975 AD and moved the centre of power of the Fatimid dynasty from Tunisia to Egypt.

In persecuting the Church, he once issued a decree to close all Churches of the Coptic Christian community in the land and to forbid the Church bells to ring. Capital punishment threatened anyone who dared to meet in a Church, or even open a church. For nine long years the Churches were closed, the gates grew rusty and the pigeons took residence in the sanctuaries.

Some of the faithful Christians travelled across the desert seeking monasteries in the wilderness so that they could meet for prayer and worship. However the majority of them could not afford the time to travel on foot across the desert, so they were forced to stay in their homes on Sundays.

After nine years, the Caliph decided to see for himself how the Coptic Christians were now crushed and silenced. In disguise, he set out on a Sunday and walked in the streets of their quarters in Old Cairo. And he heard the sound of their prayers, Bible readings and worship from every house that he passed by.

His reaction was another decree, a famous quote:
“Open their Churches and let them pray as they please. I thought I had closed the Church in every street, only to find out that I opened a Church in every house.”

The Church building may be locked down because of COVID-19, the Church is not locked down. Whether you are a family or you are alone, let the Church in your house PRAY, read the BIBLE, and WORSHIP God.

The very gates of hell or COVID-19 cannot stop us!!!
Mt. 16:18.

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