Our stand of faith Pt. 5.

Contending for the faith Pt. 3.

Galatians 1:6
"I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel".

The faith of every believer in Christ is founded on the gospel of grace. The test of the gospel is grace. If the message we preach excludes grace or mingle law with grace as a means of either justification or sanctification [Gal 2:21, 3:1-3], or denies the fact of guilt of sin which alone gives grace its opportunity and occasion, it is “another gospel” and the preacher of this is under the anathema of God [Gal 1:8-9]. The Cross is the greatest demonstration of the grace of God to mankind, and it is by that grace that SALVATION & REDEMPTION was made possible.

There are many gospels everywhere that are trending in this generation but they are actually another gospel. The Galatian church plunged into the pool of false teachings of “another gospel” in the temporary absence of Apostle Paul. Any teaching from any church or preacher that denies the grace of God as the ONLY condition for salvation through faith is another gospel. Therefore the doctrine of legalism which states that we can only merit the grace of God by our good works is false. The legalists preachers emphasize dos and don’ts as conditions for attracting the grace of God. This teaching is so wrong because salvation is purely by the grace of God. No one can merit the grace of God by our good works. The Apostle Paul firmly declared that no man is justified by the works of the law [legalism], rather we are justified by our faith in the finished works of Christ.

It is another gospel to claim that even when a sinner gets saved and receives eternal life, that new creation should go for deliverance over and over again. The Apostle Peter declared that we are translated and delivered from the kingdom of darkness INTO the kingdom of His dear son [2Peter 2:9]. What happens to a sinner when he accepts Christ as saviour and Lord is that the person becomes A NEW CREATION, that is, the human spirit of that person is RECREATED OR REGENERATED. A believer in Christ is ALREADY DELIVERED from Satan and every demonic influences that existed before that person got saved. Salvation is a full package which comes with deliverance.

The faith of every believer in Christ should be firmly rested on what Christ has done. Do not let any denomination or general overseer put you into the bondage that you have been delivered from already. Over emphasizing on Satan and demons is another gospel. The gospel is Christ and his finished works.

To be continued!

Revd ikponmwosa Timothy Iyoha
President, Insight & Foresight Ministries Int’l

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