It is alarming the way many people are running to do evil. Many are no longer bothered about the consequences of doing evil. That is why evil is increasing in the land. The church and governments seem not to be winning in the battle against evil. People are comfortable to speak evil, think evil and do evil as long as it satisfies their end.

In Noah’s day, evil was also prevalent as we have it with us today. God was not happy with the evils perpetrated in Noah’s day. He is equally unhappy with the evils in our society today. As it seems God’s judgement on evil sometimes appears delayed, perpetrators of evil think they are wise and smart. No sinner will go unpunished.

In the midst of the wickedness and evil in Noah’s time, he singled himself out. He did not allow himself to be polluted by the evil all around him.
In a society of great wickedness, Noah stood out as a just and perfect man (vs. 8). We know what a great challenge it is to say ‘no’ to what is wrong when every other person around you says ‘yes.’

It takes the grace of God to stand out – to stand on the side of God, and that grace is always available for as many who will tap into it. God wants you to make a difference for Him wherever you are and in whatever you do.

PRAYER: Father Lord, help me to take the right stand whatever the cost.


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