BIBLE READING|MARK 1:14-15; MATT. 4:12-17

Jesus made the membership and entrance into His kingdom (heaven) very open, simple and unambiguously clear to all. There is no discrimination of any form. Hence, words such as whosoever (John 3:16; John 11:26), all (Matt 11:28), everyone, anyone, as many as (John 1:12; 4:13-14) are freely used in the bible whenever Jesus or his disciples declared the gospel or good news.

The message was so simple – repent of all sins and self-righteousness, believe and receive the Lord Jesus Christ to have access into the Kingdom of God (Acts 2:38; 4:12; 16:31). Never complicated. Still same today. It is an open invitation to all. It is not primarily and purposely an invitation to church attendance or membership, title opportunity, leadership quest, material riches and wealth. It is an invitation to believe and receive a person – Jesus Christ.

It is an open invitation that offers rescue from sin, fear, death, and darkness. In this kingdom, there is liberty and freedom; there is life; there is light. You will notice in verse 17 of the Matt 4 text that after Jesus’ baptism (see Matt.
3:13-16), he began to preach John’s message – Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. This was an open invitation to his listeners and a call for moral renewal in anticipation of the kingdom, which had come, now that
the King had arrived. What is your response to this open invitation to this great King? If you have responded, how are you fairing?

PRAYER: 1. Thank God for the open invitation into His Kingdom 2. Ask God to open your heart to respond and sincerely, even now, if you have not done so.


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