An American couple went to England to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, wrote a fiction writer. They went into a China shop. They saw a beautiful little tea cup on the shelf. As the husband held the cup, he heard a voice speak: “You don’t understand, I haven’t always been a tea cup. There was a time I was reddish brown. My master rolled and patted me. I yelled and requested him to let me alone! He smiled and said, not yet! He next placed me on a spinning wheel, and spun around non-stop. I became dizzy. I screamed. The master said, not yet.”

“Then he put me in an oven. I’d never felt such heat. From the oven he put me on a shelf to cool. While I savoured the relief, he grabbed me and brushed me, and painted me. Suddenly I was back in an oven, with temperature doubled. I screamed and yelled. Through the oven glass, I saw him smiling and nodding his head. I lost all hope. I was just ready to give up when he brought me out of the oven and put me on a shelf to cool off.”

“One hour later, he returned and handed me a mirror and I said, “that can’t be me, I’m beautiful!” He retorted, “I want you to remember and know that it hurts so much to be rolled, patted and heated, but if I had left you, you would have just dried up, cracked and not survived for very long. Now you are a finished product. You are what I had in mind when I first began with you.”

God’s dealings always brings out the best in us. You must always allow Him do what He wants in your life. It is for your own good.

PRAYER: Father help me to be fully yielded to you in all your dealings with me.


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