David was in the field taking care of his father’s sheep when Samuel was
sent by God to come over to Jesse’s house for a sacrifice, for the
purpose of anointing one of his children as King of Israel after Saul was
rejected as king of Israel. David was the last of 8 boys. He was the least
qualified by stature, build, and birth order. He was not invited to the
sacrifice by Jesse his father. His brothers despised him (1 Sam. 17:28). He
was not allowed to be king even after he was anointed king (1 Sam 16:13).
Saul hated him and pursued him to kill him to abort the plan of God who
made David king.

Note that David did not even struggle or attempt to fight to become king
after he was publicly anointed. He knew he was hated and not favoured but
yet was not bitter against anyone. David slew Goliath. He became a hero (1
Samuel 18:6-7), yet was not allowed to ascend the throne. David who was
anointed King in 1 Sam. 16:13 was not allowed to be king until 2 Sam 5:3.
In 2 Samuel 7, God made a clear covenant with David. In Jeremiah 33:26,
God affirmed his covenant with David. Little wonder that Jesus came from
the lineage of David.

People may despise us and hate us because of our inconsequential pedigree
and background but when God has purposed to elevate us, he makes sure
our ending far surpasses our beginnings, no matter how obscure.

PRAYER: Father Lord, please make my end far better than my beginning in Jesus name.


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