BIBLE READING|MATT. 27:62-66; 28:1-10

The resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ was the last eternally deadly error Satan committed. If he had known this mystery and wisdom of God hidden all through the ages, he would never have planned to crucify Jesus. He did, and he was doomed eternally.

We must allow the resurrection power to work in our lives on a daily basis – make room for a daily manifestation. The celebration of Easter (Resurrection Day) will do you no good if you don’t tap into the resurrection power to quicken every dead area of your life.

The resurrection is the high point of the Christian faith (I Cor. 15:13-20). It is the mystery that other religions cannot understand (same with the virgin birth). It makes us peculiar, and confers on us an inexplicable status. All attempts by men to prevent Jesus Christ from resurrecting were futile (Matt. 27:66). Same way, any attempt made by man to stop you from resurrecting in all areas of your life shall be futile in Jesus name. How did it happen? (Matthew 28:2). The earthquake, the angel and the rolling away of the stone. The grave could not hold Jesus! He arose! Your lifestyle must
demonstrate the working of this power in you for all to see.

Happy Resurrection Day!

PRAYER: Oh Lord, may the same power that brought you out from the grave quicken all that is dead in my body so they come alive.


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