There is a truth that brings joy both in matters physical and in matters spiritual. A lady felt a lump in her breast. The doctor thought it was benign but insisted they did a biopsy. The histology report took a while to come out, but before it did, she had died a thousand deaths. Finally, the result came to declare her free of any malignancy or cancer. There is a truth that each one of us will discover after we are dead.

The Bible reveals that there are two books being kept by the Almighty God. One is the Book of Life and the other is the Book of Records. It also reveals that there are two kinds of judgments that will take place at the end. In the first judgment, which is to take place soon after the rapture, only those whose names are found in the Book of Life will be judged. Their judgment will not be unto condemnation. It will be an assessment of their walk and work with the Lord. Jesus Christ will give each one their reward. Those who attend this first judgment will not attend the second.

In the second judgment, the Book of Records will be opened and all the other dead would be judged according to what is written there. This judgment will be unto condemnation. As we journey through life, the Almighty gives each of us at least one opportunity to have our name written in the Book of Life. If we take the opportunity offered to us, we would discover that we have escaped condemnation after death. If we fail to take the opportunity, we would discover that we have ourselves to blame. Everyone on earth will one day discover the truth about where his/her name has been entered.

PRAYER: Father, please help me to always remember that a day of judgement in which you will be the Judge will come.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR | 1 SAMUEL 13-14 & LUKE 10:1-24

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