Calling upon God should be a lifestyle of every Christian. We do so because there is an assurance all through scripture that He answers when we call, especially when we are in distress.

The story is told of a woman whose only daughter was kidnapped at a public school in an urban city in the Eastern part of Nigeria while she waited with other children after close of school. The police was invited, but too late, the child was gone with the kidnappers. The mother returned home, and joined by her husband and their pastor neighbour, they called upon God, really crying, declaring, “our eyes are upon you!” Just a few minutes to mid night of same day, a police car stopped by their gate bringing back their kidnapped daughter. The police reported that the culprit was apprehended while trying to take away the child from a car that had broken down some 20 kilometers from the city.

Jehoshaphat, King of Judah was distressed and feared when he got the news of the invasion of Judah by three enemy kings (Moab, Ammon and Mount Sir). He gathered the whole of Judah and they sought the Lord. (vs. 4). They called upon the Lord, reminded Him of His promises to hear when they called upon Him (vs. 9). In their cry, they declared, like the woman whose child was kidnapped that their “eyes are upon the Lord.” (vs.12). Their cries provoked an answer from heaven’s throne room. The enemies were routed, just like God immobilised the car that carried the kidnapped child. For the Christian, calling upon God should be a lifestyle because He has promised He will answer us, deliver us, and we shall glorify Him.

PRAYER: Father Lord, please teach us to trust you enough to call upon you for every, and any situation that faces us in life.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR |1 SAMUEL 30-31 & LUKE 13:23-35

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