Whenever the subject of sowing and reaping is discussed, as any farmer would tell you, there are two key factors in fruitfulness: The seed and the soil.

In His parable of the sower, Jesus Christ told us that there are four types of soils: the way side; the stony ground; the soil riddled with competing thorns, and then there is the good ground. It goes without saying that any farmer that is serious about increase or fruitfulness will not only worry about the quality of seed, but will pay very close attention to the preparation of the ground in order that the good seed he deposits with care in the prepared soil, will have every opportunity to yield an increase.

Life is about sowing and reaping. There is no escape from the eternal law of sowing and reaping. Sovereignty may defer it, grace may abort a particular process, but nothing eliminates it entirely. It remains in the world system until God Almighty makes a new heaven and a new earth. King Ahab was told by the prophet Elijah, because you have humbled yourself before your God, the judgment against you will be deferred to the next generation (1 Kings 21:29). The prophet Nathan said to David, God has forgiven you your sin and as a result you will not die. However, because you have caused the enemies of your God to blaspheme His name, the child of your adultery will die and the sword you used to murder Uriah will devastate your family (2 Sam. 12:13-14).

You must work within God’s eternal law of sowing and reaping by being careful to prepare your seed and the soil into which you plan to drop it so you may reap plentiful harvests continually.

PRAYER: Lord, the ability to understand the law of sowing and reaping please grant unto me, so that I can sow correctly.


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