Knowledge keeps on multiplying in every field in about every five years. By implication, what you knew about your vocation or career five years ago is already obsolete. If you are still operating your business or career on the strength of knowledge acquired five years ago, you are behind competition.

The greatest leading edge of this age is to keep up by reading wide. Not just academic books. Read about people, places, and discoveries. Read biographies, novels, magazines, etc. When you read a man’s book you peep into his mind. When you read about others you learn from their mistakes and harness their ideas. Why not read about others who tread such paths and learn from them? By virtue of information, the capacity of your mind is enormously enlarged.

Study has shown that the men who have ruled the world were basically equipped through reading. The same study showed that these people read an average of 20 books a year. So, if you think your mental capability is only one fifth of these top shots, why not read five times the volume they read? Then, you’ll be at par. Reading 100 books a year isn’t too much. Is it? Seize every opportunity to keep growing by reading and intensive research in your career/field of endeavour.

Remember that without God you are nothing. A godless person will certainly end up a failure in death. In God lies true success/fruitfulness. Also remember the word of God which says: what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul (Mt 16:26) Arise, and shine for your light has come…. (Isaiah 60:1).

PRAYER: Lord broaden my mind to study, both your word and everything that will help me to develop my spiritual life.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR |2 SAMUEL 14-15 & LUKE 17:1-19

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