The Bible talks about the seed that produced a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown – Matthew 13:8. Sometimes I wonder why it is in the reducing order. Then I found, when someone comes to Christ he will produce a hundred times, but after living a Christian life for a few years, his faith grows cold and produces only sixty times fruits. Again after some more time the faith grows cold and produces only thirty times.

In Mark 4:8 there is a reverse order. The seed produced thirty, sixty, and a hundred times. This talks about the people whose faith grow day by day. The word of God in us should grow daily through listening, reading, meditating, practicing and carefully reviewing it very often until it produces better and continuous fruits in us.

Jesus explicitly described what happens when His disciples fail to bear fruit. In calling us to abide in Him, like branches to a vine, He also revealed the keys to yielding the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Fruit-bearing is a direct result of abiding in Christ. There are deeply spiritual and fruitful Christians who have never displayed evidence of having received the Pentecostal experience of Holy Spirit baptism. It is sadly true that there are Spirit-filled Christians who have not developed the fruit of the Spirit to any degree in their lives through consciously abiding in Christ.

Both cases prove the reality that fruitfulness is not a result of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit but a result of abiding in Christ. Therefore, the key to the quantity and quality of fruitfulness in our lives is abiding in Christ, the True Vine, always. In obedience to His commands, let’s explore this abiding principle together and use to draw many more to His awesome presence.

PRAYER: Lord, help me to always abide in you – the True Vine.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR |2 SAMUEL 16-18 & LUKE 17:20-37

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