Access to places, people, information and wealth are highly valued, especially if such access will add value to our lives. Many will do anything, including giving bribes, sexual immorality, slander, lying, manipulation, etc. to gain access to what they need. The access grace procures is at the expense of Jesus because He was the only man that ever lived and met the righteous demands of God. This grace which is a divine gift (Ephesians 4:7) guarantees access to divine favour, enablement, empowerment and advantage.

It was grace that procured divine access for Joseph to stand before Pharaoh straight from prison and made him Prime Minister in Egypt (Genesis 41:46). Grace ensures we have unrestricted access to the God of Heaven (Romans 5:2; Hebrews 10:19). Mephibosheth, the lame son of Jonathan, who hid away in Lodebar for fear of his grandfather’s sins and wickedness had a divine access to David and began to eat from the king’s table. He rose from squalor to the king’s table. (2 Samuel 9:1-13).

Therefore, all who freely receive the gift of grace are guaranteed divine access; this access turns slaves to heirs (Galatians 4:7), gives value and worth wherever we go (John 4:1-11), and cancels the accusation of the devil against us (Romans 8:1).

PRAYER: Father Lord, thank you for the access I have to all things by your grace.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR |1 KINGS 1-2 & LUKE 19:28-48

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