Road maps are very useful when we travel to unfamiliar places because they help in finding our way to our destination. It has become even easier with the Google map app.

For the Psalmist, the word of God was his constant guide, to which he had entrusted himself forever. As he wades through the path of life, walking past the dark alleys of dangers, enemies, betrayals, temptations; always at the risk of falling and of going astray, the word of God was his guide. In the midst of persistent peril, he hangs on to the word of God for succour and stability. God’s Word is our road map for Christian living, without His map of principles guiding the way, we’d get lost.

Whenever we feel confused about where we are going and what we are doing, God expects us to use His road map and seek the right way to go and the right thing to do. Unfortunately, most times we live our lives apart from
God’s word. We chart our own course all by ourselves. That’s because we already think we know the way. In our pride we think we know our way through life’s journey; but what happens? We stumble and sometimes even crash. God’s road map is that which we need to go through life. How many times have you let your own desires take precedence over God’s will for your life? We do it all the time, but when we apply God’s word and use it in times of temptation, trial and confusion we can overcome and arrive safely at our ‘destination’. Even Jesus had to use the road map when He faced the tempter in the desert.

PRAYER: Lord, let me find delight in your word daily.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR |1 KINGS 12-13 & LUKE 22:1-20

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