As Christians and stewards of God, one of the things God has called us to do is to redeem time. We are accountable as to how we use the resource of time. Time is fleeting – it passes swiftly.

Many people blame their inability to achieve some things or meet a particular target on the excuse that there is not enough time. Truth is: God has made available to everyone the same duration – twenty four hours a day. How we spend our time has consequences in this life and in eternity. We all need divine wisdom in the use of time as we navigate through life so that we do not become victims of unfulfilled life – Psalm 90:12. There are many things that call for our attention from time to time but we need to know how to prioritize them.

We live in times when evil activities are on the increase (2 Timothy 3:1- 5,13), and this demands that we spend more time in God’s presence, not claiming that we are so busy – Ephesians 5:15-17. God has given us visions and goals to pursue and accomplish in life. We need to be sensitive, using our time wisely as we shine for God on the earth.

What positive life-changing decision do you need to make? Don’t procrastinate. Act now! No matter how many years we live or spend on earth, it is still short compared to eternity. Our everyday life must count for God. Let us invest our time wisely, growing spiritually and in being a blessing to people.

PRAYER: Father Lord, kindly teach me to number my days so I can apply my heart to wisdom.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR |1 KINGS 21-22 & LUKE 23:28-56

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