Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities. A mother is a woman of many parts requiring physical and inner strength as well as wisdom in fulfilling her obligations. Mothers are home makers – builders or bulldozers (Proverbs 14:1). Their vital role in the family and indeed the general society often come to the front burner in discourse.

The scripture also recognizes the importance of mothers: they are key factors in raising godly children, positive awareness and influences that will improve the lot of the family and the society. For parents to train up the child in the way to go (Proverbs 22:6), mothers make huge impact. For example, Timothy, son in faith to Apostle Paul was a beneficiary of godly motherhood – through his grandmother (Lois) and mother (Eunice) – 2 Timothy 1:1-5. We also saw the harm and hurt which bad parenting could bring: John the Baptist was beheaded as a result of the evil collaboration between Herod’s wife and daughter (Matthew 14:6-11). Also, the wicked reign of Ahab in Samaria was aided by the negative influence of his wife Jezebel (1 Kings 21:1-16).

The family, the church and society at large become victims when motherhood go the wrong way as we have seen in our modern world. Proverbs 31 is an excellent portrayal of the values mothers should have and nurture: Earning the trust of husband (vs. 11,12), diligent and industrious (vs. 13-19), charitable (vs, 20) and promote the well-being of the family (vs. 21, 23, 27-29). We thank God for mothers who reflect these virtues. Reward for motherhood is both in the present and future. Mothers who raise godly children enjoy peace and fulfilment on earth and praise from God.

PRAYER: Our heavenly Father, please give us godly mothers in our homes and churches

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR |2 KINGS 10-12 & JOHN 1:29-51

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