Brother Jide, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, had the opportunity to make more than enough money to offset his son’s 50,000 Naira school fees, who had been sent home for fees default for 4 weeks. The son risked missing his final High School examination. The Patrol Team he led apprehended 4 abductors who had kidnapped a 52- year old woman. The abductors offered him 250,000 Naira bribe to let them go. He firmly turned down the offer despite intense pressure from his colleagues, all junior to him. His colleagues volunteered he could take 150,000 Naira while they would share the rest. He stood his ground.

The criminals were arrested and prosecuted. On arrival at home the following morning, a childhood friend of his in America had wired 500,000 Naira to him to support his son’s education. His son returned to school, took his final examination, scored excellent grades, and was admitted to study Mechanical Engineering in one of the popular universities in South West Nigeria. Jide was steadfast in his conviction. He refused to yield to the temptation.

Joseph, in our reading today had an easy and cheap opportunity to gratify his fleshly desires, probably without anybody knowing, safe his master’s wife. He turned down the offer firmly. His reason was simple. He feared
God – vs.9. He was imprisoned, but never bitter – vv. 21-23. Joseph later became Prime Minister in Egypt – Gen. 41:37-44.

What do you do when sin is about to sink you? How do you respond when you are faced with the choice of good or evil? Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you – James 4:7. Steadfastly resist, and God will provide the way of escape as he did for Jide and Joseph.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, please give me the grace to say no, firmly to every temptation that comes my way.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR |2 KINGS 17-18 & JOHN 3:19-36

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