In many traditional African communities, parents instruct their children never to answer any unseen and unknown person’s voice that calls their names at odd hours, especially at night or when they are alone in some place. The reason we are given is that many of those strange voices could be occultic or demonic with the intention of “a call and kill.” The children believe their parents and obey.

The voices that we heed their call or counsel have some influence on our lives. Some positive, and some negative. I had a grandmother that gave her local sheep pet names. Whenever she called them by those names, they move towards her. Strangely, if someone else does, they don’t even take a step towards the caller. They knew the voice of their owner.

Whose voice compels your attention and obedience? Jesus declared to his audience in our bible reading for today that He is the good shepherd. The sheep hear his voice and they come to him. All who hear and heed His voice receive life, and do so abundantly. Any other call we heed and respond to may be dangerous like the African parents warn their children.

Some of the preachers and teachers we give heed to sometimes may be hirelings. Jesus cautioned “Take heed therefore how you hear…..” – Luke 8:18. Any word we hear, any counsel we receive that have no basis of truth
or foundation in the Bible is a strange voice, no matter whose voice it is. Never answer those voices. Jesus calls them thieves and robbers – vs. 1.

What are some of the steps you can take to identify stranger voices and run away from them so they don’t wreck your faith in the Lord?

PRAYER: Father Lord, please train my ears to recognize your voice and instructions only.


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