No believer ever prays for sickness, suffering or persecution, but in many cases these are inescapable trials in our journey of faith. The admonition of Peter as directed to the body of suffering believers who were scattered throughout the world by reason of the fierce persecution in Jerusalem is still relevant today. God knows how to take care of his children in the midst of any adverse situation.

Have you ever wondered how God fed, clothed and protected his children in the wilderness for forty years despite their rebellion and stubbornness? The humility and meekness of one man called Moses in seeking the face of God on their behalf paved way for God’s intervention and providential care at all times of their distress.

Prophet Elijah went ahead to declare the counsel of God upon King Ahab’s reign of wickedness, not minding the adverse consequence of the drought upon his personal welfare. In the midst of three years of ravaging drought,
God manifested his caring nature by feeding Elijah through ravens and a faithful and obedient widow in a strange land.

Be rest assured that you are not alone in that terrible situation you may be passing through now. God is firmly in control. Humbly submit yourself to His will and divine instruction and stop grumbling and complaining. Don’t
lose faith but be steadfast in faith and be obedient. Call upon Him for His divine intervention and He will surely come to your rescue.

PRAYER: I surrender my anxieties and burdens unto you my loving and caring Father, for I know you will undertake for me.


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