As a true child of God, no one should get to a point of complacency in the journey of faith in Christ. The need to make steady progress must be one of our priorities. Stagnation is not of God. He created all living things to grow. His desire and will, is that His people should make progress in life and all good things in which they are engaged. Paul the apostle
understood the essence of advancing in life and ministry and he pursued it with all his strength and the spirit of God. He revealed that inner desire when he declared the word in Philippians 3:12-15. From these inspired words, we can learn a few things about the attitude and the ability that we must develop to achieve progress.

We must not bask under the sunshine of our present attainment or achievements, but we can always thank God for how far we have gone or done. None of us has reached the highest level of his/her calling in Christ. There are still many more things to do, new heights to attain, opportunities to explore and new grounds to cover and possess for the Lord. Though, it is not possible to obliterate the past from our memories, but like Paul, we must not allow the past or present experiences and challenges to obstruct the steady march towards our goals.

The goal of living totally for God and becoming all that He wants us to be must be our topmost priority. Make up your mind today, be focused, press forward and reach the highest goal of being what you were created for.

PRAYER: Lord, please help me to pray up, look up, and step up in my faith walk.


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