BIBLE READING|2 KINGS 4:8-13, 36, 37

“I had an emergency call from my elder sister one very cold Thursday night. She requested for a loan of 30,000 Nigerian Naira to pay for her only daughter’s medical bill. I assured her I would, and it would be a gift. I transferred the money from my bank balance of 32,000 Naira, prayed, and went to sleep, very happy I could help. I woke up the following morning to be told by my househelp that our cooking gas was finished. I told her we would buy it the following Monday. The gas was 3,500 Naira. Just after my night prayer that Saturday, I received a gift of 60,000 naira via bank transfer from a brother in the church. I bless God for His unfailing reward to all who do good without expecting a payback.” This was the testimony of a Senior in my church.

The Shunamite woman in our bible reading today perceived Elisha was a man of God. She showed him unsolicited hospitality (vv. 8-9). Elisha offered to do her good but she declined despite the pressure (vs. 13). God would later bless her with a boy according to the prophet’s word. The child died when he was a toddler. Elisha prayed the boy back to life. Fast forward, there was famine in the land. Upon her return the King ordered all her property be returned to her, intact (2 Kings 8:6). The gratification she declined turned out to be deferred gratification for her. Do you sometimes
do good to people around you, including in the church and expect instant gratification? God’s deferred gratification could be a wiser and more rewarding choice.

PRAYER: Father Lord, please teach me wisdom not to lust after instant gratification.


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