The first time I invited my course mate to our University Christian Students Fellowship, he felt so uncomfortable with the mode of praise and worship, and the dancing steps of most people in the fellowship. There was a lot of shouting and loud music that appeared disgusting to him. He came from an orthodox background where they did more of hymns and organ tunes. The style of worship and dances were beyond his comfort zone. He subtly resented the attitude of the members.

In our bible reading for today, Michal, Saul’s daughter and David’s wife “despised him in her heart” – vs. 16, for dancing so “unkingly” before the people. She berated him and was embarrassed by his mode of worship and expression of his joy of successfully bringing the Ark of God into the Temple in Jerusalem, after a first failed attempt, and disaster of the death of Uzza who touched the Ark when the oxen shook it – 2 Samuel 6:6-7. While David was exuberant and sincere in pouring out his heart in worship expressing his gladness unto God, Michal was musing about the King’s honour and prestige. Her attitude cost her barrenness for the rest of her life – vs. 23.

The different types of worship around churches and fellowships – informal, formal, loud, quiet, noisy, exuberant, etc., represent genuine outpouring of people’s love for Jesus, who is worthy of all worship and adoration that come from sincere hearts.

Are you critical of praise and worship style not within your comfort zone or familiar terrain? How can you change your attitude?

PRAYER: Father Lord, please teach me what it means to worship you in spirit and truth, so I don’t despise other forms of worship in my heart.


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