Bob Butler, a war hero, lost his legs in a 1965 land mine explosion in Vietnam. Twenty years later, Bob was saving a three-year-old Stephanie Hane from drowning in a swimming pool. Slowed by the dense flower garden and dirt, Bob abandoned his wheelchair and crawled to save the little girl.

About to commence Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation on little Stephanie, he told her mother, “I was her arms to get her out of the pool. It’ll be okay if I am now her lungs. Together we can make it” Seconds later, the little girl was alive! Mr. Butler then told his story: “When my legs were blown off in the Vietnam War, I was all alone in the field till a little Vietnamese girl struggled to drag me in to her village, she whispered broken English, “It is okay. You can live. I’ll be your legs.” Together we made it. And I wanted to do the same for Stephanie.

The Scripture, in 1 John 3:18, says, “Let us not love in word neither in tongue, but indeed and truth.” Giving no room for excuses, we’re admonished to go all out to love. When we look at the inadequacies of people, we can draw thousands of reasons not to love beyond our words. But for followers of Jesus, ours is an invitation to thread where he had walked. No one is without a capacity to demonstrate love. It is a deliberate choice we can make. These are those times when someone needs you to be their legs, arms, eyes, friend, etc. In a loveless world, Christ invites us to love even those who have hurt us; He asks us to do this beyond our words. How can you reach out to someone you have found difficult to love before today?

PRAYER: Lord in this life, help me to be someone’s legs, arms, eyes, etc, in order to meet their needs.


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